Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dark World

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with problems that arise everyday. 
Where are we to turn? Who can help guide us when we need it most? 

When I am at my most vulnerable, most fragile state I turn to my friends for help.  Is it fair to them to have to keep rescuing me every time I fall?  Is it fair to me to have no one there to help me when I need it most? 

Pain and Tears….

We look for answers with ever breath we take, we search the world to try and find ourselves, we ask the stars for guidance and we pray to a god we do not know exists.  We can only hope that someone out there is listening to our plea.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

She Is Me

This photo speaks to me...

She is beauty, a sexual woman, delicate yet powerful 
Men crave her and want to lavish her with riches, pleasure her in all ways 
She is money and weakness
Men want to protect her, to touch her and posses her
She is sad and broken inside
She is me.