Friday, 17 June 2011

Red Nails

Can't go wrong with red nails ;)

I got this dress from Garage Clothing. It’s pretty casual, very comfortable. I’ve worn it a few times already. I am also wearing rabbit fur on my back. I am not a big fan of fur. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love how it looks, but I saw a documentary once and that pretty much killed it for me. I swear it was the hardest thing to watch, I won’t get into it. It’s definitely not a pleasant topic.
Anyway I try my best to not buy fur or leather, but it’s very hard. Once you love something, it’s hard not to buy it.


sugarhoneybaby said...

I agree!:)

BeautyBabiex said...

i love this outfit, its gorgeous.x

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love this! What is on the side? Studs? Love.

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strawberry freckleface

Anonymous said...

Nice dress, love the color and the shape :)

Nell said...

Seems like a comfortable dress. Looks good.
Not a fan of furr either