Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nail Party

I was at a friend's house having coffee and watching "Easy A" with Emma Stone- whom I adore.
She just bought a few different nail polish colors and she wanted to test them out on me. Can you say guinea pig? Well sure, but I don't mind. It was actually a lot of fun. I ended up with this mint green color from Sephora in the Hello Kitty bottle. What do you think?

When I left her house I ended up going into Shoppers and getting a couple of colors for myself. My boyfriend actually picked out this pink. I absolutely love it!



Antonia said...

I hope you had so much fun!



il était une fois... said...

love essie polish! x said...

such a beautiful array of colors!

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Diya said...

I love that your boyfriend picked out pink for you! adorable.

Sally from Sorelle In Style said...

oooohh i absolutely LOVE that nail polish!

love your blog! i just discovered it, i am following! i hope you can follow me, too!


sorelle in style

Seventh Of July said...

Thank you, I did have fun that day. I love Essie too! I will be checking out your blogs and will follow back. Thanks for stopping by. Xo