Tuesday, 19 August 2014


"Change" It is such a simple word yet holds such power.

We all walk around like zombies, roaming the streets in and out of work/daily life. What do we want out of life? I look around and see everyone in some sort of routine including myself and it bothers me. Change is the hardest thing we have to face in our lives. I can safely say this is one of the things that has held me back most of my life. The fear of changing, the fear of failure & even the fear of success! It sounds silly, but true and it is hard at any age and it doesn't get better as we get older and wiser, we just have to learn to accept the fear and accept that we have to evolve and change is a must in this life. We must learn to embrace it and push ourselves into the uncomfortable situation that we hate, but know deep down inside they are good for us.

So here I am in Costa Rica jumping in with both feet and feeling completely alone, working and trying to get use to this lifestyle. It has been very hard for me. It is a beautiful country and I am surrounded by all of its beauty and yet, the sadness remains, the emptiness and fears are present. Will this new life become just a simple routine just like the life I left behind?

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